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  • At LINPAC Packaging we’re chillin’ out!

    We’re chillin' here at LINPAC Packaging as we have extended our collection of bowls and containers for salad and deli counters as consumer demand for healthier convenient food choices grows.
    We are now offering retailers a range of options to make their packs stand out from the crowd. These include incline display, click and connect, easy grip, and inlaid portion packaging solutions.

  • A silver bullet for bug busting technology

    As the Food Standards Agency (FSA) reveals that two-thirds of shop-bought chicken is contaminated with campylobacter with about 500,000 people a year infected, we teamed up with Addmaster to create a bug busting solution to protect consumers.
    The FSA's most recent research suggests about 60 per cent of raw shop-bought chicken is contaminated. Even when a flock is identified as having the bacteria, the birds can still be sold for human consumption on the grounds that, properly handled and properly cooked, they present no risk to human health.

  • How the latest Summer fruit campaign changed packaging trends at Infia

    Fabio Zoboli, marketing manager of Infia, our Italian sister company and leader in the field of fresh fruit and vegetable packaging offers some reflections on the firm’s recent summer campaign ahead of Macfrut 2012, where Infia is exhibiting this month.
    He tells us: "The Spring-Summer fruit campaign 2013 was very much atypical at a European level. The particular weather has in fact extended some of the Spring production and delayed and modified the Summer production.