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  • LINPAC rPET Food Service

     In this blog, we explore the key trends driving the foodservice industry and what packaging solutions need to deliver to meet the challenge. 

  • Food service LINPAC

    Approximately 13% of all eating occasions now take place ‘out-of-home’ according to Canadean Intelligence Centre, with over a quarter of global consumers eating out at least once a week. LINPAC has identified key emerging trends which it sees shaping the food service market in coming years.

  • LINPAC Vertiwrap

    This week has seen the return of the great British Sandwich Week, taking place from 9th to 14th May 2016.


    With the sun set to shine, a barbecue is a must. But a summer barbecue can easily turn into a summer disaster if proper precautions aren’t taken to ensure food safety.

    According to the Food Standards Agency, cooks are making their guests ill by charring meat but not cooking it all the way through – in fact, it claims the number of food poisoning cases are up by 27% compared to figures from the last 3 years.

    We’ve compiled a list of dos and don’ts to ensure a barbecue goes without a hiccup.

  • BBQ time

    Flip flops, sunglasses and sun hats across the country will have been dusted off during the first few weeks of April. 

  • EPS Hotpac Catering Tray

    Oxford Council wanted to become the first English Council to ban polystyrene take-away food containers. It claimed the move would cut litter whilst promoting the use of biodegradable packaging and recyclable materials.

    But the so called ban was reversed before it was even enforced.

  • Unwrap cling film from LINPAC

    Ok, so you know about PVC cling film - the stuff that's used to wrap left over food at home or used by packers/processors to showcase their products in the thermoformed trays in the supermarkets - but do you know what else PVC is used for? In fact, it's more widely used than you probably think.


  • Happy Christmas to all our friends

    The card above is believed to be one of the first mass-produced Christmas cards - dating back more than 160 years - and can be found among the extensive special collections of Bridwell Library at Southern Methodist University's Perkins School of Theology.

  • Packaging must rise to the challenge of the consumer

    LINPAC Packaging's Ben Elkington has told packaging manufacturers they must acknowledge and respond to the ‘rise of the consumer’ and the growing trend of ethical consumerism if they are to remain competitive.