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LINPAC Corporate Social Responsibility

Businesses have a responsibility to operate sustainably, particularly in the context of current global climate and resource challenges. We have always considered our impact on society, the environment and employees, but we want to set ourselves targets to achieve more. Corporate Social Responsibility offers an opportunity for us to explain what we are already doing and how we aim to be proactive looking forward. The first LINPAC Corporate Social Responsibility report has been released, marking the baseline from which we aim to drive positive change throughout the business.


We have divided the initiative into four pillars:

  • Economic Performance

  • Environmental Impact

  • Social Responsibility

  • Product Stewardship & Safety

We have produced a 2-page factsheet which you can download here      Corporate Social Responsibility

or request a copy of the full report here.

We provide innovative packaging that helps to reduce food waste and increase shelf life. Our plastic solutions protect much more energy than they use. We actively support recycling campaigns and responsible end of life scenarios that don’t allow precious materials to be wasted.

  • Our recent investments in super-cleaning technology have allowed us to use up to 100% recycled content in our products
  • Our Elite trays improve the quality of recycled PET supply
  • Reducing tray weight has reduced the carbon footprint of our trays by 20%

Due to our focused international teams, our health and safety records are better than world standard and customer complaints have been reduced significantly in recent years. Our sites are certified to various ISO standards.

We are very proud of our achievements and will keep providing innovative, quality solutions from safe sites. However, we want to do more. The following targets are business-wide and we are working and sharing expertise internationally to support every site to achieve them.

LINPAC CSR Targets: 


Economic Performance

Develop a dedicated strategy to manage the market risks posed by climate change by end 2017

Increase proportion of available products that are ‘low carbon’ packaging

low carbon: products made of >80% post-consumer recyclate or with design features that reduce materials or distribution emissions

Environmental Impact

Improve monitoring of key environmental indices, analyse life-cycle carbon footprint of products and develop a strategy to reduce distribution emissions by 2020

Reach zero waste to landfill at all sites by 2025

Increase overall use of recycled material by 10% by 2020

Social Responsibility   

Achieve >365 consecutive days with zero lost-time accidents by 2020

Develop a strategy to increase the diversity of LINPAC management and maximise effectiveness by end 2017

Product Stewardship  

Implement our improved customer project management process across the business by 2017

Reduce customer case frequency by 5% year on year