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Packaging for Fresh Food

At LINPAC we keep things fresh by delivering the best packaging solutions to customers throughout the world in the retail, catering and food manufacturing and packing sectors.We deliver a wide range of packaging solutions in a broad range of materials to companies throughout the world. The key sectors we are focused on are:

  • Dairy, meat, fish and poultry 
  • Bakery 
  • Catering and fast food 
  • Fruit & Produce 
  • Chilled and prepared foods 
  • Films

Each of these markets requires a different set of skills and knowledge and LINPAC has a team of dedicated packaging professionals who can guide you through our wide range of packaging products, services and solutions.

In each market we understand that we can only help your business thrive by understanding what your customers and consumers want and we will work to find the best packaging solutions. For more fresh ideas click on the links below.

  • Fresh packaging solutions for dairy, meat, fish and poultry

    At LINPAC Packaging we understand that consumers want dairy, meat, fish and poultry products which are fresh, secure and well presented so we always offer fresh thinking to help your product perform at its best.

  • Bakery

    At LINPAC Packaging we understand that consumers want bakery products which are fresh, taste delicious and look attractive.

  • Catering & Fast Food

    At LINPAC Packaging we are always thinking of fresh ways to present delicious food to help you gain an advantage in an increasingly competitive marketplace and amaze your customers.

  • Fruit & Produce

    At LINPAC Packaging, and our sister company Infia, we understand that consumers want fruit and produce which is fresh, tastes delicious and looks attractive so we always work to offer you the best solutions to make your product look its best.

  • Freshware for chilled and prepared convenience foods

    At LINPAC Packaging we understand that we are all leading busier lives – eating patterns are changing, basic cooking skills are declining and the desire for fast, healthy food that is easily prepared is key for the 21st century consumer.

  • FIlms

    Using over 40 years of experience and our deep understanding of the demands of today’s fast paced food and drink industry we have developed a wide range of flexible films.